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Audition Repertoire Requirements

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1. Each category requirements (I, II) must be satisfied.

2. All selections must be performed by memory (unless otherwise stated below).

3. Bring three copies of your music for the judges. Instrumentalists should include reduction accompaniment part. (Photocopies will be destroyed after event.) Original scores are preferred as one of the copies.

4. Contestants are responsible for fundamental knowledge of their repertoire.

5. Vocalists and instrumentalists must provide their own accompanists.

I. An aria from an opera or oratorio, in the original language
II. Two other selections, each representing a different period (Baroque, Classic, Romantic, contemporary) from category I
NOTE: Of the three selections, two should be in two different foreign languages and one in English.

I. A composition by J. S. Bach
II. A sonata movement by Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, or Schubert.
III. One other selection representing the Romantic or contemporary period.

Instrumental – Strings
I. An unaccompanied work by J. S. Bach
II. Two other selections, each representing a different period (Classic, Romantic, contemporary)
NOTE: Sonatas for strings and piano need not be memorized.

Other Instrumentalists
I. A movement from a major solo work, originally written for the instrument
II. Two other selections from different periods to Category I and to each other; these need not be memorized.

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